16 March 2008

nobody beats the Biz!

umm ... ok, dude --
but only because you're Biz Markie.

Now I have to add these

One more:

Music videos

This is a small collection of music videos that I have enjoyed over the years.
Some of these choices may seem comical, but they are all legit. :)
Enjoy! (or not)

[drag your mouse to the youtube box and click the arrows on either side to navigate through the collection]

PS: I know that I am losing some cool points with a few people, but I gotta be me!

Getting older feels strange sometimes ...

Errrr ... ummmm ...
Is it safe to start to feel old when you see that this is the little boy you babysat for when you were in 9th grade?

(originally, I posted a photo of the same person in the photo below, only it was a professional surfer/model photo that was incredibly attractive)