27 June 2007

Hitting the nail on the head

It is just a shame that a lot of people aren't even able to understand just how right he is.

20 June 2007

Hate Crimes Bill

This is really important to me, so watch and learn. This bill couldn't possibly fail to make it through. I am hoping that a lot of people have responded to this. If you haven't yet, then please do!.

18 June 2007

Boyfriend application

This was sent as a myspace bulletin recently. I find it ingenious.
Do fill this out and return to me, if you so desire. ;)


17 June 2007


I need this as a reminder, so I am posting it here.

it is very important that you are aware of this!

and what better way to educate yourself than to hear it from the genius who is Stephen Colbert!