07 May 2010

Sick of people getting off on judging others

I ran across this video, where famous preacher/financial advisor Joel Osteen says that he can't say whether someone is going to hell or not.  Then people proceed to rip him to pieces.  I believe he did the right thing.  Too many people are being turned away from the very idea that God exists because of the very people who posted this video to make Joel Osteen look bad.

I am not a huge fan of Osteen, by the way.  I am glad, however that a person who has so much influence on people in the Christian world is refraining from judging (lest he be judged?).
My comments are below the embedded video.

Here's a brain teaser for you people who love to judge:

God is the One who is all knowing and omnipotent (according to your subscribed belief system)
God is the One who will do the judging that you people look so forward to (I think it's sick how much you people get off on people potentially going to hell, and you should too!)
God knows our hearts and what we're gonna do before we do it.
God sent his son to redeem us from our sin.
(again all of this is what you're saying you subscribe to when you call yourself a righteous Christian, right?)

The Bible was written so long ago, by people and translated over and over again.
People (who might I add did not die on the cross for our redemption from sin) wrote and translated and modified the words. Yet those people continue to say that all of it is the "word of God."

Something is amiss, people.

According to what you go by,
God knows everything.  You don't.
What He chooses to do with his children is not for you to predict.

Not to mention,  What if what He said about not judging others (lest you be judged) holds a LOT more weight than any of the things that you say will send other people to hell?

Let me put that again differently ... what if your judgement of others is found to be worse in God's eyes than the things that you are judging people for?

Since you don't know everything like God does ... you can't answer the question.  You can only pray that Jesus' blood redeems all of your brothers and sisters (who by the way youre supposed to love as you would love yourself) regardless of what they believe.  That is what I believe.  That is what I got out of Jesus' teachings.

It kills me.  The belief that people will be punished forever by an omnipotent, all-loving God is just stupid.  People who believe this are fooled, and people who believe this are turning people away from the very God that they say they are trying to serve by spreading His word.

People are so gripped by the bad theology that they are making people not even want to be open to the idea that God even exists.  I was agnostic, and the ridiculous mentalities of conservative Christians rendered me uninterested in trying to see if God could actually be real.
It was the MCC church that made me even consider praying to a God that I didn't even think was there.